O'Rafferty High Senior Class of 1965
Margaret (Zelinski) Beard

Photo collage: (Top L-R) Older son, and his wife, Emma the cat.
(Below) Suz and younger son, the 'dawgs' and parakeet.

Margaret (Zelinski) Beard, who goes by the nickname her older brother gave her (Suzie, or Suz, with A long "U" sound; remember spelling classes, everybody!) reports a few changes since the last official O. R. '65 reunion.

She bought a 75-year old home on Lansing's east side. She calls it her third child because it took nine months to find a house she liked and could afford in a neighborhood that appealed to her; this one has the "feel" of some E. Lans. areas, is near E.L., but without the hefty property taxes. She's lived there more than eight years, and though she's not as compulsive about upkeep (i.e., she admits to letting herself ease into retiree slobdom), she still enjoys her home.

Also, she's attempting to write in a genre that requires third-person narration (remember English courses, too, classmates) and that's why so far this update's been written that way: a chance to practice.

However, since I've pretty much decided that I don't care for that novel-writing requirement, I'm gonna finish this in first person pronoun.

I retired from teaching and tutoring at Lans. Comm. College in 1999, so that's old news. I belong to a couple of informal writing groups, which I attend when I need the motivation. I submitted some writing to the Williamston Theatre Group two years ago, part of which was used in a trilogy of plays that was well-received.

That and a reading at a local poets' event are my most recent "claims to fame" on a modest but satisfying scale.

I deal with the challenges of R.A.(rheum, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome/ fibromyalgia). Some days are good, but I can't tolerate the most widley touted meds for these maladies, so often, the saying about "willing spirit, weak flesh" most aptly applies.

I haven't remarried since my marriage of 30 yrs. ended. Had three marriage proposals, but none was a good long-term prospect. One son is married; his wife is a breast-cancer survivor: radical mastectomy, chemo that almost killed her, then a couple of yrs. ago, a miscarriage.

I might write more later, "mates", but my p.c.'s acting like it might send this to cyberspace any second.

I covered most of update-topic stuff, so I'll stop for now -- w.o having proofread! What would Sr. Mary Patricia say about such journalistic misbehavior??

Given the circumstances, I'll assume she'd give me a pass.

I look forward to the reunion and seeing all the attendees in Sept.

God bless all of our class!


Suzie Z. B.