O'Rafferty High Senior Class of 1965
Bob & Judy (McCourt) Williams

Two more years of corporate bliss for us, and then it’s time to sit back and really enjoy our free time. As many of you already know, Judy and I have lived in Arizona for the past 25 years. I retired from my job with the State of Michigan to pursue a new adventure, and as fate would have it I ended up working for the State of Arizona. With L2 thru L5 fused (two steel rods & eight screws), an artificial hip, and rotator cuff surgery I still play golf on a regular basis. Judy, is still working for Fitch, an interior design firm in Scottsdale, AZ.

Our children are scattered in a few different directions. Our son Sean lives in Casa Grande, AZ, Michelle and her husband Barry just relocated to Ankeny, Iowa. (We hope that move won’t be a long term one!) Kim and her husband Daryl are currently living in Seattle, WA. We all have our fingers crossed that they will be transferred to Phoenix, within the year. Stephanie and her 2 children live in Phoenix. (Thank God . . at least 2 of our grandkids are near us!)

We were planning on seeing all of you at the reunion next week, but due to unforeseen issues it just isn’t in God’s plan for us at this time. Drop an email to us anytime and those that live close, let’s get together soon in AZ.

A big thank you to Gene, and all our classmates that helped him plan the reunion. You guy have done a fantastic job.


Bob & Judy

Judy wanted to share a picture that was taken last year (2008) (before Tommy’s hair came in). We are in Seattle having dinner with Kim, Daryl and the kids at Anthony’s. They have the best clam chowder (yummy). From the front left it starts with Kim, Tommy, me (Judy), Daryl, Maggie and Bob. That is Tommy’s favorite place to eat. He loves fish!

(Our Christmas gift this year was being told our little Tommy is still cancer free, and with God’s grace he will remain that way.)

Judy & Bob

(For photos of their June 27, 2009 visit to Lansing,
select here.)

Our Tommy will be 6 years old on July 30th. (First grade in the Fall) Please . . . . continue to remember him in your prayers.

He is our ‘Little Top Gun Man’.

Love, Judy & Bob (July 1, 2009)