O'Rafferty High Senior Class of 1965
Michael Scott Taylor (3/24/47 - 10/6/09)

"My Life over the last 40 + years ??

I am like a grain of sand upon a beach, rolling to and fro with each wave and wind, moved about by Nature's Whim, changing shape, being restructured, edges smoothed into who I am at this moment. But sure to change in the near Future."

Scott (3/15/09)

"Another year is days are rushing to December 31st, though they all are keenly aware as to how the ending is played out.

I hope the year has been eventful and fruitful, that you are making plans for those final few days of fun and frivolity!

Know that you are in my thoughts often, memories held close."


Below is a copy of the 'Life Story' put together by Osgood Funeral Home (used with permission) and
presented at Scott's Memorial Service on October 17, 2009 at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church.

For more photos and a chance to write in Scott's Guest Book, go to http://www.lifestorynet.com/memories/52376/.

Some of the classmates attended Scott's Memorial Service.




Email messages from Scott's sister Nancy (prior to his death):

Scott passed away last night at 11:00 p.m. surrounded by his family and in the peace and comfort of his family's home. Our sincere gratitude for your support, prayers and love for Scott and his family have been greatly appreciated. As well your personal e-mails to Scott which we read to him were truly enjoyed.......his memorable smile expressed his true appreciation of your thoughtfulness.

At this time a memorial service has not been finalized and we will be forwarding information to you as details unfold.

Scott remains at the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor. Radiation has been completed on the tumor in his left hip as well, chemo treatments began on Friday of last week thru Sunday....3 day regiment every 3 weeks. Although Scott is heavily medicated to control pain, we believe his pain has been lessened by the treatment that he is receiving.

The goal is to bring Scott home sometime this week.....there's really nothing more to report other than he is receiving exceptional care and treatment from the VA Hospital....thanks for your continued prayer and support.

The family of M. Scott Taylor

Scott received the 2nd of 5 radiation treatments on his hip to destroy the tumor this morning and will remain in the hospital thru Thursday morning at a minimum.

Scott is exhausted by the level of activity at the hospital in addition to the interaction of the medical teams that are working with him. As much as Scott and his family appreciate the interest and support that friends are offering in the way of phone calls, we'd like to ask that e-mails be sent to me directly instead. (contact webmaster if you need her email address) I will print these off and Scott can read as time permits.


The family of Scott Taylor

Scott was admitted on Thursday afternoon for pain management while we were in Ann Arbor for an appointment.
Friday, additional tests were done which showed that there is a substantial tumor around his left hip - the same side as the lung tumor. The recommendation was to radiate the hip for 5 days which would destroy the tumor and offer pain relief. Friday was the first day of treatment and will continue thru Thursday of next week.
Today we learned that the cancer has spread to Scott's bones which explains the excruciating pain that he has been under, in addition the tumor in his lung has doubled in size; because of this the oncology team feels that they are dealing with small cell carcinoma which is a fast growing cancer. They will confirm this information with pathology Monday and would like to begin chemotherapy on Wednesday if not before.

Still the goal is to manage the pain and when I spoke with Scott this morning, they had added an additional drug, which we continue to pray will offer pain relief.

My sister Mary and our Mom are with Scott today.

IF you should talk with our Mom, please don't offer any of this additional information about Scott to her...she is fully aware of Scott's condition but is not completely aware of all of the details....

We are all devasted not be able to offer you more uplifting news at this time.

The family of Scott Taylor

Scott was released on Friday around 6:00 p.m. and he is staying here with myself (sister Nancy) and my husband Steve in DeWitt.

Scott's pain is really radiating throughout his body as his immune system is actually attacking his body because of the cancer. His joints are all incredibly swollen as well as incredibly tender. The pain is not under control, but we are working towards pain management with the direction and help of the oncology pain management team from the VA hospital.
If the pain is around the 5 level (1-10) Scott is very happy - not very comfortable, but much better than higher levels.

Scott and I will be returning to Ann Arbor Monday for a 1:00 p.m. appointment with the oncology department to discuss their recommendation for a plan of action.

Scott has asked me to relay to you his sincere appreciation for all of the prayers, love and support that you are sending to him. Please e-mail Scott back directly and he will respond to you throughout the next few days when he is able.


During the last 2 weeks Scott's pain has increased substantially throughout his body.

The surgical procedure yesterday confirmed that the cancer has spread outside of the lung and that surgery is not an option. Chemo and radiation will be the next line of defense.

Scott is presently at the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor in ICU where they are working aggressively to control his pain. The goal at this point is to bring the pain down to an acceptable level so that Scott will be comfortable at home with Steve and I as we work towards fighting the cancer and developing an acceptable quality of life for Scott.

I'll be returning to the VA Hospital this afternoon with Mom and Morgan and will gladly take e-mail well wishes that you'd like Scott to see, so please feel free to send e-mails to me and I will print them off and take along this afternoon. Humor is appreciated too!

Prayer for pain relief and comfort for Scott are requested.

Warm Regards and love to all - Nancy

Appt was for 2:30 – met w/Dr. Kim around 4:00 and he spent about an hour with us.

· Dr. Kim reviewed the PET scan in detail with us

· The tumor butts up and/or surrounds the pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, bronchus(comes from the trachea to the lung); it’s unclear if the tumor surrounds or is just making contact – will be determined if/when surgery is performed

· Dr. Kim suspects the cancer is in stage 2 or stage 3

· The mediastinoscopy will take place on 9/9 to verify stage

· Results from the mediastinoscopy should be received by 9/15

· If the disease has not spread outside of the left lung, surgery will be performed on the lung to remove either the top lung (lobectomy) or the entire lung (pneumonectomy). Ideally, they would like to remove only the top lobe, but will not know until they are in there and to what degree the tumor is involved with the pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, bronchus will a decision be made.

· If the entire lung is removed (pneumonectomy), chemotherapy is not an option because studies show that those individuals with lung removal do not perform well with the additional stress on the body of chemotherapy.

· If the disease has spread outside of the lung, treatment will be chemotherapy and radiation – no surgery.

Dr. Kim has increased Scott’s pain medication to increase his comfort.

We were all pretty whipped by the time we got home around 8:00 –

Knowledge is power – I think we were all feeling more knowledgeable after meeting with Dr. Kim. The call last week to Scott from Dr. Kim really knocked us all off our feet.

Thanks for receiving this information via e-mail – it truly makes it easier to distribute information! Scott or Steve – did I overlook anything and/or would you like to add anything? Love, Nancy

Revised surgical date for mediastinoscopy of : 9/9/09

Scott rec’d a call from the VA hospital on Thursday canceling the surgery due to emergencies;

Scott rec’d a call on Friday from the surgeon Dr. Kim who explained to Scott that the oncology team and the surgical team met to discuss Scott’s case on Wed (of last wk). The consensus was that the entire left lung should be removed. If the lung is removed, oncology will not give Scott chemotherapy. Steve/Scott and I will be going to the VA hospital tomorrow (Tuesday) to talk directly with the surgeon.

IF the cancer has not spread outside of the lung, then removing the lung sounds like an option to pursue; however if the cancer has spread, does it make sense to remove the lung, deal with the recuperation, etc…and then deal with the cancer elsewhere in his body.

Love, Nancy

Surgery date was: 8/26/09 check in is 6:00 a.m.

All in all, the appts went smoothly and there is nothing new to report at this time other than the Dr. felt that the cancer had been developing for sometime...which appears to be common. The goal will be to remove lymph node samples from within the lungs - both right and left at varying levels in order to determine the stage of cancer. An incision will be made at the top of the sternum of about 1 inch in diameter. After the samples are removed, they will be sent to the lab for immediate confirmation that they are in fact lymph node tissue. The surgical staff will wait in the operating room for confirmation. If the samples cannot be confirmed as lymph nodes, there will be an addition incision made in the chest under the heart for further samples to be retrieved. It is safer to make this additional incision rather than continue in the area at the top of the sternum.

Samples will be sent to a lab where they will be tested in order to look for traces of cancer. This will take as long as a week, at which time an appropriate treatment plan will be developed.

Emotionally Scott only wants to deal with the next 2 weeks in his life, and then 2 weeks from there and so on.....