O'Rafferty High Senior Class of 1965
45th Reunion Photos
Friday Night - at CougarFest


As part of the weekend festivities, Lansing Catholic High School, had a 'CougarFest' at the school on Friday night before the Homecoming Game on Saturday. It was supposed to be outside in a tent, by high winds blew the tent down and they moved inside.

A small group of the reunion participants came to the CougarFest. Suz (Margaret Zelinski) Beard joins Martha (Wackerly) Hermes and Noella (Kim Garmyn) Maloney.

Denise (Gloden) Kilbury came from Arizona as well as Ann (Kain) Cummins.

What's the matter? Aren't Michigan's winters warm enough for you?

Linda (Stratton) Cheeseman, Rosemary Fox and Pat (Wery) Radell came to the party.

A few 'friends' from Holy Cross came too: Joe Daly and Sandy (Bremer) Stuckey.

Joe Daly, Jack Maloney and Gene Klco pose for a photo.

 The band was playing and some ladies just couldn't sit still. Ann (Kain) Cummins (back to camera), Suz (Zelinski) Beard, Linda (Stratton) Cheeseman, Sandy (Bremer) Stuckey, Rosemary Fox and Denise (Gloden) Kilbury make the moves.

Others found it more comfortable to sit and talk.

The evening wound down and a few stragglers posed for a final shot: Jack Maloney, Rosemary Fox, Noella (Garmyn) Maloney, Linda (Stratton) Cheeseman and Denise (Gloden) Kilbury.

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