O'Rafferty High Senior Class of 1965
Follow-up for the 50th Reunion


6th Meeting - October 12, 2015

(L-R) Carol Gould, Kern Slucter, Sandy Rich, Jack & Noella Maloney, Rose Quinn & Gene Klco

The sixth meeting of the 50th Reunion committee was held again at Maloney's.

We looked over the budget and how we came out relative to it. We ended up when all the expenses were paid with $88 extra. Since a couple didn't get the veggie meal they paid for, we voted to reimburse them the meal costs. There were 3 people who paid but didn't show up, so we split the remaining money for those three.

Most of the meeting was spent discussing how the Reunion went and how it could have went better. We were generally pleased with the Reunion and recieved many (24) Thank Yous about it.

We would like to stay in touch with everyone on a more regular basis, so if you are away from Lansing and will be in the area, please let one of us know and we will see if we could put together an informal gathering - lunch, dinner or picnic.