O'Rafferty High Senior Class of 1965
Missing Classmates

These are classmates & friends we have no address on.
Can you help?

Mail Addresses:
* Barb Bennington
* Sue (Kline) Hauser
* Mary Kowatch
* Laura (Fitzpatrick) Nicewander
* Catherine (Smith) Zigler 

Or Email addresses for (any of the above, plus):
* Carol (Gettle) Amato
* MaryJo (Sheets) Anstey
* Gary & Marianne (Fox) Batterbee
* Margaret (Zelinski) Beard
* Darlene (Schoals) Belknap
* Margaret DeLuca
* Bill Detering
* Kevin Douglas
* Sue (Horski) Droscha
* Joe Garlitz
* Nancy Gibbs
* Sandy (Grundstrom) Kirk
* Sue (Smith) Leonard
* Bill Locke
* George Nixon
* Bob Piggott
* Kathy (Tomanica) Reed
* Mike Ruedisale
* Colleen (Carroll) Savage
* Jackie (Thelen) Simon
* Jim Smith
* Pat (Mills) Sparks
* Mary (Ingraham) Smith
* Nancy Thelen

(NOTE: some of the email addresses I had, but they changed I don't have the new ones - so if that is you, please send me your new email, so you can be updated on what's happening with the class.)

Send me an email, if you have any info on any of these classmates.
Thanks, GK