O'Rafferty High Senior Class of 1965
2nd Meeting of the Reunion Committee

Nov. 18, 2009:
The Reunion Committee met for the second time at Jack & Noella Maloney's house. In attendance were Gene Klco, Noella (Garmyn) Maloney, Larry Quinn, Sandy (Walters) Rich, Mary Ann (Colizzi) Stowe, Sandy (Lortie) DeView, Rosemary Fox & Jack Maloney.

Discussion included:
• We opened with a prayer for those not here & gone before us.
When to have party?
- Time it with Lansing Catholic's Homecoming & Alumni weekend: Saturday, September 25, 2010
- Why?
- LCC has Friday night party at LCC football field - under big tent
- with food, drinks & live music for $10 each
- LCC has their homecoming Saturday afternoon at LCC
- LCC has Mass at LCC gym on Sunday too.
- MSU vs. Northern Colorado home game on Saturday too
Where to have it?
- Restaurant: we have reservations at Tony M's
- (3420 S Creyts Rd - south of I-496) - same place as the 41st Reunion
- Checked Quality Inn-Frandor - Good choice & about right price, but on later checking - the date was booked
Music & More:
- Do own - use 60s only music. Will make CDs for different parts of the evening.
- Also a suggestion to have a video or Power Point presentation of old photos, etc
- Dig up your old photos & email them to me
- (scan if you can (hi-resolution) or mail to me & I'll scan & return)
- Please ID people in photos if not easily recognizable
- We'll get info off old yearbooks
Other info
- Figuring about 60-80 people to attend as an estimate.
- Going to ask soon for a tentative plan from all
- Aim to keep price about $25 per person
- Invite others who went to school with us, but didn't graduate with us.
- Making list of 'friends'
- Encourage classmates to get their bios to Gene for inclusion in the website (orafferty65.org)
- Updating address list & get as many email addresses as possible -
- We had a great time - many stories & laughs
- sometimes hard to keep on track
- Do you remember Club Crosier & Fr. David
- 'Keep it at 6 inches there"
Next steps:
- Plan to meet in another month - probably on Dec. 16th at ???
- I'll soon list on the website those classmates I don't have an address or email for

So mark you calendars - and plan on attending!