O'Rafferty High Senior Class of 1965
3rd Meeting of the Reunion Committee

Feb. 17, 2010:
The Reunion Committee met for the third time at Jack & Noella Maloney's house. In attendance were Gene Klco, Noella (Garmyn) & Jack Maloney.
Discussion included:
• Wondered how many classmates are in Michigan? (75 that we have addresses for)
- How many still within 20 miles of Lansing? (53)
• Spent most of rest of time planning a poster for the website (see poster)

- Noella to get more info on Tony M's meal plan & pricing
- Noella to send out 52 post cards to those we have addresses, but not email addresses for - please send me you email
- Gene to put poster on website & send email to all
- Next meeting in a month - to discuss the dinner plan