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Diane & Grandchildren in FL - Feb. 2011

I really thought that you were a little confused about the fact that I didn't graduate from O'Rafferty. Of course, I might know a few people by name that I knew from Holy Cross, but I really don't think that anyone would remember me. I was only at Holy Cross for three years. I attended Sexton for my sophomore year, then a half a year at St. Mary's during my Junior year and then my father moved our family to Williamston where I finished out High School.

After High School I attended LCC for a little while. I didn't want to become a teacher or nurse, so while I was taking a few basic classes including art classes I passed an exam with the State of Michigan and began working there as a secretary. After a couple of years, I decided I couldn't do that for ever, so I attended Capital Beauty School. Upon graduating in1968, I got married and began working in a salon in South Lansing.

The hours were long and I worked several evenings. It wasn't long and I decided that an eight to five job wasn't so bad after all. I went back to the State of Michigan for awhile until it was time to start a family. We have three children, two girls and one boy. I was then a stay at home Mom and had a hair salon in our home. I could do both, and did so off and on for nearly thirty years. I also was empoyed at St. Francis Retreat House for about three years. In 2003 my parents health began to fail and I needed to be available to them, so that is when I finally retired.

My husband is Robert Hicks of Lansing. He worked for General Motors for thirty-three years and retired in 1997. We raised our three children mostly in Bath, and later retired in DeWitt Township. We have lived here for about thirteen years.

Our two girls and their husbands and children live in Mason, MI. They each have two children, a boy and a girl. Our son and his wife and children live in Mattawan, MI and have two boys and are adopting a little girl from South Korea. We are proud parents and grandparents. Luckily all three children have successful careers and we enjoy the grandchildren more than anyone would believe possible. Life is good and we have been blessed!

For about the last three years, we have been "wintering" in Florida from January to April. The condo we rent is on South Hutcheson Island, Ft. Pierce. During the summer, we enjoy the grandchildren and their activities, gardening, and also Morrison Lake on some weekends. When I have time, I love to sew and do art work. Actually, there isn't enough time in a day to do everything we enjoy. We are members of St. Casimir's Parish, in Lansing and try to help out there as much as possible. Hope this gives you some idea as to what I have been doing for the last fifty years or so. Somewhat boring, but it is what it is.......... Would love to hear from you.