O'Rafferty High Senior Class of 1965
Photos & Memories


The Homecoming Court
Sandy Walters & her attendants Evelyn Flynn and Mary Jo Sheets.
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Mike Sandborn crowns Queen Sandy Walters as Larry Quinn and Evelyn Flynn (left) and Mike Cook and Mary Jo Sheets (right) look on.

Following he crowning, the O'Rafferty Royality led the school in the traditional Grand March.
(L-R) Mary Jo Sheets, Mike Cook, Sandy Walters, Mike Sandborn, Lynn Massuch, Rick Bozzo, Evelyn Flynn and Larry Quinn.

Which class had the 1st place Homecoming Float
both Junior & Senior years?
Class of 1965, of course!

Junior Class: "V is for Victory, Color it Ours"

Senior Class: "Freeze Them Out, And Turn Them Blue"
(Do you remember making the the 2x4 & chicken wire framework and then stuffing thousands of tissues in all the holes)