O'Rafferty High Senior Class of 1965
Kathey Ann (Glazier) Smith
November 13, 1947-January 30, 2020

Kathey Ann Smith (72) passed away Thursday January 30, 2020 at 6:30 PM from lung cancer. She was born November 13, 1947 in Lansing, Michigan to Rudolph and Margaret Glazier. She is survived by brother Gary Michael Glazier; children Rod Ray Smith II, Timothy Edward Smith, Kristine Ann Elnitsky; and grandchildren Ryan Ray Smith, Emily Suzanne Smith, Jadyn Avery Elnitsky, Chance Hayden Elnitsky. She was preceded in death by her parents and her brother Jim Glazier.

Kathey loved her family and her friends. She showed her love in many ways, from cooking wonderful meals to opening her home, and in the little things like sending cards for Valentine's Day, and wrapping presents with great attention to detail. She very much enjoyed gathering as a family for holidays and hosting game nights. Even though she was born in Michigan, she moved to Texas and made it her home in her early twenties. She enjoyed being outside tending to her yard and the yards and gardens of others. Being close to nature surely brought joy and satisfaction to her.

Kathey was an attentive mother to her children and loved them each very much. She raised them in the Catholic faith and was always very honest and straightforward with them. But when she became a grandmother (her grandchildren called her GaGa) she had a renewed sense of purpose. She loved each of her grandchildren and always saw them for the unique individuals they were. She was always quick to point out their talents and urged them to continue to use their talents throughout their lives.

Kathey was married to Rodney Ray Smith on Easter Sunday April 14, 1968. They were married over 43 years. Even though they were no longer married, they still remained close. Rodney was very involved in her care while she was ill. He visited her daily up until the day of her passing.

Kathey loved to play card games and be surrounded by family and friends. Also among her favorites was drinking Coca-Cola, listening to talk radio, and watching various TV shows. You would often find her curled up with her cat (fondly named Kitty) on the couch watching TV. Kathey held many jobs in her working career, but she gravitated toward financial work and solving problems. Much of her early career she worked with bank tellers. Later she worked for many years for an advertising agency in their invoicing department.

People would describe Kathey as having a good sense of humor. She was not easily embarrassed and enjoyed meeting new people. Kathey was generous, selfless, and the last thing she ever wanted to do was put anyone out. She loved her country and took any opportunity to honor servicemen and women. She would often openly thank those in uniform for their service. She loved to have fun, she was a great shoulder to cry on, and she will be missed immensely. Kathey would be happy knowing that the people closest to her are celebrating her life.

Services are being held for her on Friday February 21, 2020 at 1:30 PM at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church 2016 Willis Ln. Keller, TX 76248. In lieu of flowers, donations would be accepted at St. Jude Children's Hospital and Mother and Unborn Baby Care.

Comments from classmates:
Mike Cook: "Kathy was always ready for a good laugh!"

Pat (Wery) Radell: "I’m so sorry to hear Kathey is gone. I always loved her happy smile and zany sense of humor."

Sandy (Lortie) DeView: "Oh how very sad about Kathy. My thoughts and prayers for her and her family. I have very fond memories of hanging out with her and others back in the day !!"

Noella (Garmin) Mahoney: "We are So Sad to hear this News about Our Kathey.
Wonderful Memories from High School for Sure. Please Jesus Keep Your Arms around Kathey’s Family as they are Mourning a Great Loss. We never know what Life will bring to us. Let us live each day to it’s Fullest!!
Love to each of Our Classmates. And Warm Hugs Too."

Mary Therese (Bohr) Baker: "A smile we can never forget!"

Judy (McCourt) & Bob Williams: "So sorry to hear this. Our deepest condolences to all the family."

Mary Ann Collizi Stowe: "So sorry for your loss." (to her family on FB)



Info Kathey sent previously:

I live in Ft. Worth, TX. I have been since marring Rodney Smith, who was my pen pal during the Viet Nam War. He was in the Air Force. We have been married 40+ years.

We were blessed with three children and four grandchildren - Rod/40, Tim/38, Kristine/37, Ryan/11, Hannah/11, Emily/10 and Jadyn/2.

I am affectionately known as GaGa to my family, being named that by my grandson when he was 12 months or so.

I have been employed with Universal McCann Advertising Agency, in Dallas, TX., for twenty years. Previously I worked for, what is now known as, Wells Fargo Bank for thirteen years.

Rodney retired from American Airlines, just turned 62 and will receive his first Social Security and retirement checks soon. omg.

I enjoy being outside and working on the lawn and in the flowerbeds, even when it's 100+ here in the summer.

Entertaining family and friends, on a regular basis, is my favorite thing to do. If two weeks go by, without having a special occasion to celebrate, something is wrong - lol. We are having seventeen over tonight.

I have been back to Lansing many, many times since my departure in 1967, mostly to visit my good, good friend Margo Jersey, also a '65 grad from O'Rafferty. We met in the 5th. grade while attending Holy Cross. Unfortunately my last trip home was to bury my father. He was 94. I hope I get that many years.

I will close for now.

Hope to hear from you and other classmates.

Kathey (with an e) Glazier Smith