O'Rafferty High Senior Class of 1965
Photos & Memories

21st National CSMC Convention at Notre Dame - August 27-30, 1964

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O'Rafferty delegates that went included (seniors underlined):
Sr. Margaret Jude, Sr. Maria Julia, Mike Aten, Margaret Berardo, Mike Cook, Beverly Davis,
Mary DeFors, Marilyn Dembowski, Bernise Esch, Mike Eyia, Melody Judd, Ann Kain, Peggy Keenoy,
Gene Klco, Jim Klco, Lynette Lachance, Kim Mack, Mike Mierzwa, Grace Murphy, Larry Quinn,
Ann Rademacker, Rose Roznowski, Linda Schertzing, Pat Schertzing, Linda Scott,
Jeanette Smith, John Walker and Mary Winans.

Enlarging a few sections of the photo, shows some of the O'Rafferty group - the rest are lost
in the crowd. The boys must be photo hogs or just late to get to the photo session.
(Seniors circled in red)

Let's not forget Sr. Maria Julia and Sr. Margaret Jude (on opposite ends of the group):

A couple articles were in the Lansing State Journal about the trip. Here is one of them.

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